I love building projects and applying computer science to different fields. Here are a few of my projects.

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Rust Course


An interactive course for beginners to learn the Rust programming language. Launching Q1 2022.

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A listing of games built on the Ethereum blockchain. Reaches a global audience of 10,000+ monthly users.

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As part of the TyE Young Entrepreneurs' challenge, created a social fitness challenge used by 100s. Automatically tracks squats using their camera and computer vision.

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bioinformaticsopen source

Visualize's possible off target sites using a convenient "no-code" tool. Built for UMass Medical's Sontheimer Lab.

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open sourcerust

An isomorphic web framework designed for safety when building a web application.

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social mediaopen source

Open source social media automation software. Automatically grows an Instagram account organically. Pro plan was sold with additional professional features.

Jay Nagpaul
Built with Next.js & Chakra UI. Hosted on Vercel.